A Review Of The Moov Now Fitness Tracker

The Moov Now fitness tracker is a great device to help you achieve your fitness goals. It helps keep track of your activity level and heart rate, so you know how much exercise is enough for the day. The Moov Now also tells you when to go for a run or walk based on its algorithms that take into account weather conditions and other factors. This wearable also lets you know if it’s time for bed or whether it’s best to stay up late at night and work out because your body needs more sleep instead of working out in the evening hours.

What’s in the box

The Moov Now comes with a charging cable and a user manual, along with a warranty card and quick start guide.

Size and ease of use

The Moov Now is a small, lightweight device. The band itself is about half an inch wide and can be worn on either your left or right wrist. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel like it’s weighing down your arm at all. The display is also easy to read–the numbers are large enough that you don’t need glasses or contacts to see them clearly (I’m nearsighted).…

Teletherapy Helps Seniors Cope With Loneliness

Teletherapy is an excellent way for seniors to connect with their loved ones across the miles. Teletherapy helps seniors make friends and stay connected to the outside world. Teletherapy gives seniors more control over their healthcare experience.

Teletherapy helps seniors cope with loneliness.

If you’re a senior, it’s not just your peers who can be lonely. Seniors can feel isolated in their homes as well. Teletherapy is an excellent alternative to traditional therapy because it allows seniors to stay connected to the outside world and make friends while they are unable to leave home.

Teletherapy helps seniors make friends and stay connected to the outside world.

Seniors need to stay connected to the outside world. Teletherapy helps seniors make friends and stay in touch with family and friends, which is why it’s an excellent way for seniors to combat loneliness.

Teletherapy gives seniors more control over their healthcare experience.

Teletherapy gives seniors more control over their healthcare experience.

  • Seniors can control their own schedule. They can choose the therapist they want to see, the days and times they want to see that therapist, and even where the appointment will take place (the elder’s home or office). This makes it easier

Foods To Help You Function Better

Do you feel like your brain is tired and overworked? Are you constantly tired, stressed out, or depressed? You might be surprised to learn that the food you eat can actually affect how well your brain functions. That’s right! After years of research on the topic of nutrition in general and cognitive function specifically, scientists have discovered that certain foods can help boost brain power while others may actually hurt it. Here are five foods that are thought to improve cognitive function:


Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria. They’re found in your gut and on your skin, and they help you digest food and fight off infections. Probiotics can also help you absorb nutrients from the food you eat by making it easier for them to pass through your digestive system.

If you have an autoimmune disease or other chronic health conditions like Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), probiotics may be able to ease some of your symptoms by calming down inflammation in the body. Studies show that people who take probiotic supplements have fewer colds than people who don’t take them–and when they do get sick with something like influenza virus A H1N1 pandemic flu virus outbreak …

Why High Intensity Interval Training Is Great For Your Health

High intensity interval training is a great way to get the most out of your workout. It can improve your fitness level, sense of well-being and more. Here’s how it works and why it’s so beneficial.

What is high intensity interval training?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of aerobic exercise that alternates between high-intensity intervals and low-intensity recovery periods. It’s great for fat burning, cardiovascular health, and muscle toning.

HIIT can be done in many different ways: running on the treadmill or walking on an incline; using resistance bands; cycling on an indoor stationary bike or outdoors on your road bike; playing basketball or soccer with friends; swimming laps at the pool–the possibilities are endless!

How to do high intensity interval training.

To perform HIIT, you will need to warm up for 5-10 minutes by jogging or cycling at an easy pace. Then increase your intensity by speeding up the speed of your movements and/or incline level. Keep going until you’re at 100% effort (if you can’t say “I’m really pushing myself right now” then it’s not high intensity).

  • How often should I do it?

The best way to find out how often is through trial and …