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A Realistic Look at Alcohol Abuse Statistics

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Alcohol is one of the most common substances abused across the nation. The statistics available that lay out the particular problems brought about by alcohol abuse paint a clear picture of the scope of the problem. The good news is anyone experiencing problems with alcohol abuse can choose from one of the best programs for alcohol rehab tennessee has to offer.

A Realistic Look at Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Prevalence of Alcohol at Social Functions

Working professionals of all age and gender are faced with the decision of whether to imbibe in alcoholic beverages and a variety of social functions that are often a required part of the job. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the number of adults over age 18 that have drunk alcohol at some point in life is 86.4 percent. Often it is a matter of drinking alcohol because everyone else is enjoying a drink. the number of adults that express a moment of binge drinking that required treatment in the previous month was 26.9 percent. It points to an already existing problem that has the potential to explode in growth.

Alcohol Use Disorders and Addiction

The 2015 NSDUH alcohol abuse statistics offer a comprehensive breakdown of alcohol use disorders of men, women and underage individuals. Over 6.7 percent of those that defined themselves as having alcohol use disorder over the previous year sought treatment. It is encouraging to note that treatment is being sought, but the figures are relatively small for the percentage of people that self-describe as having an alcohol abuse problem. Unfortunately, many people slip under the radar by not admitting or recognizing an alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol-Related Deaths

Alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related disease kill thousands of people every year. It is estimated that 88,000 people die each year, according to the 2015 statistics. It has made it to the third largest preventable cause of death for adult Americans. In 2014, auto fatalities due to alcohol accounted for over 31 percent of all traffic deaths. It provides a wake-up to anyone that thinks they are invincible when it comes to alcohol abuse. Changes in this trend will require increased education about the dangers of alcohol abuse and easier access to treatment.

Economic Damage of Alcohol Abuse

The dollar figure given to economic impacts with alcohol abuse are incredible. It was estimated in 2010 to cause an economic loss of over $249 billion dollars. Economic loss includes lost business productivity, loss of workers, medical costs, and treatment center costs. It ends up negatively impacting the productivity of the entire nation.

Underage Drinking

One problem that leads to alcohol abuse is the prevalence of underage drinking and binge drinking. 33.1 percent of all 15-year-olds claim to have had at least one drink n their life. 5.1 million people 15-20 years old identify with having binge drinking within the last month. 3.3 percent of those age 12 to 20 admit to heavy drinking in the past month. Lack of supervision and easy access to alcohol combine to create the foundations of a youth alcohol addiction. Early intervention is vital to gaining sobriety. The host of dangers to underage drinkers are injuries, death, traffic accidents, sexual assaults, and permanent brain damage.

Alcohol Abuse and the Family

A 2012 study showed an estimated 10 percent of children live with at least one parent with an alcohol abuse problem. Households dealing with AUD have a higher risk of sexual abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, separation, and divorce. Pregnant mothers that drink cause irreversible damage to the fetus. Children are observing and learning from parental behavior. The cycle of addiction can easily be repeated in the next generation. Overall, AUD is proven to be a destructive force in what appears to be the strongest family units.

Facing Down Your Addiction

The alcohol abuse statistics demonstrate the need to seriously consider the total impact of this problem on every life. If you are battling an alcohol addiction, it might be time to begin seeking help. The events that bring about sudden death from health problems or serious accidents are completely unpredictable. Every day you decide to let the problem go is borrowed time. The statistics show that even periodic times of alcohol abuse can lead to a lifetime of addiction. Seeking help is one of the best things you can do for you and your family.

If you have experienced more than one occasion of heavy drinking and binge drinking behavior, consider consulting an intake specialist for alcohol treatment. The healthier your relationship is with alcohol, the less likely it is to become addicted.