10 Health Tracking Apps And Wearables That Can Help You Lose Weight

There are countless apps and wearables that can help you track your weight loss. The best ones are easy to use, provide helpful insights and recommendations, and don’t cost much money. Here is a list of 10 health tracking apps and wearables that can help you lose weight:


If you’re looking to lose weight, Fitbit can help. The wearable fitness tracker tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. It also measures active minutes, which is how many times per day you’re moving at a moderate pace for at least 10 minutes (like walking or jogging).

Fitbit will also track your sleep quality so that you know exactly how much restful sleep you get each night–and if it’s enough for your body to function properly throughout the day. You can even set goals for yourself based on these metrics and see how close you are to achieving them by checking …