Healthy Food for Kidney Disease

Sodium is a mineral found in most processed foods. You probably think of it as salt, but it can actually come in many forms. Processed foods contain higher sodium content due to the added salt. For those with kidney disease, it’s important to check labels and eat fresh meats and no- salt-added produce whenever possible. When purchasing packaged food, compare brands to see which ones have the lowest sodium content. If you can, cook your own meals instead of buying processed ones.

Onions are a Good Source of Vitamin C

Onions contain vitamin C and other nutrients that are important for the kidneys. They also have a number of other health benefits, including supporting the building of collagen, which gives our skin and hair structure. One compound found in onions is quercetin, which may help lower blood pressure. But this study was conducted with onions that had been extracted and administered to people as supplements, rather than those that were eaten. Despite the high vitamin and mineral content of onions, they carry no health risks to those who consume them.

Garlic is a Good Source of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is necessary for the development of bones and energy levels in the …