My Daughter’s Life and Health Are Important to Me

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It was important that I start getting myself to a Denver dentist as well as making sure that I go to one regularly, too. I had been in a bad relationship with my daughter’s father for too long. He didn’t want me to work, and I could not afford a variety of things that were needed for self-care. And he had no interest in helping our own daughter with the same things. I was able to get regular healthcare through county services, and that was a big help though. Now that I have finally gotten away from him, I am working hard to take care of some of her dental care myself.

My little girl had some tooth decay early on, but it turned out to be okay because it hit her baby teeth, which later fell out. But then her adult teeth grew in, and she needed some oral care. That was not happening when I was still with her dad. There are so many things that told me that I needed to be out of that relationship, and knowing that my daughter was being affected by me staying is why I finally got out. I don’t want her to learn that it is okay to be with a guy who doesn’t take things seriously and does not take care of his family properly. I want her to be with someone who treats her with respect and care. The only way to do that is to not get into those types of situations so that she will think it’s okay.

We’re a lot happier now. Last week, I had braces put on her teeth. I finally have the ability to pay for dental insurance now. She looks great, and she will look even better when the braces come off. She has a beautiful smile. She loves her braces because she had them done in pink and silver, too.