My Uncle is on the Transplant List

I was not surprised when my uncle told me that his kidneys were going to fail. Of course he has this genetic disorder which gives him cysts on his kidneys. I was tested for it and I figured out that I did not have it. They gave me an ultrasound and the technician told me right off that he thought that I was in the clear, but it took a little while for them to give me the final answer. At any rate he just did the last thing. He went to a dentist in highlands ranch and got his teeth checked out. That is a big deal because when they give you a new kidney they put you on anti rejection drugs that suppress your immune system. That lays you wide open to all sorts of bad things, although they are going to try to alleviate the problem by using as little of these drugs as it is possible to use.

I do not know if something like gingivitis could kill you, but you can not have any of that or anything else like that. If you have that and they put you on these drugs it is going to run completely wild like it was spring break in your mouth. That is a bad thing for you and so that has to be done first. Of course they want to make sure you do not have colon cancer either. If you got cancer while you were on these drugs it would probably kill you before they even found out about it. Of course if he gets the kidney then he is going to need someone to watch over him for about a month, and this is probably going to be me. I talked to my boss and he was okay with this.


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