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Pregnancy – Assisted Reproduction and Insurance

Pregnancy – Assisted Reproduction and Insurance
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There are nearly six million pregnancies inside the United States every year. Almost three million of those are unplanned or unwanted. These are startling statistics to the 10% of ladies of childbearing years who try unsuccessfully to get pregnant. For these women, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or even in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures are their only hope for parenthood. Unfortunately, while insurance providers will cover the cost of unplanned pregnancies, most private insurance agencies do not cover alternative pregnancy options such as ART or IVF. Women and couples are forced to pay an average of over $12,000 per IVF cycle upfront, by way of example.

There are only 15 states within the U.S. that mandate some level of coverage for assisted pregnancy procedures. Even in these states, you can find severe limitations on coverage amounts and covered procedures. However, even limited coverage is better than no coverage mandated from the other 35 states. The lack of coverage for expensive procedures coupled with a women’s often strong desire to have children sets the stage for poor choices in healthcare hoping for your one in a million miracles. Similar problems were seen in the mid-twentieth century when the usage of contraception and abortions triggered dangerous medical situations involving women in desperate search of strategies to their reproductive issues.

It wouldn’t be outrageous to surmise that girls in desperate look for techniques to creating a successful pregnancy might additionally be tempted to find alternative, often dangerous procedures from questionable sources. This puts countless underinsured or uninsured women longing for a kid vulnerable to fraudulent, ill-conceived, and perchance dangerous healthcare providers wanting to exploit the necessity for cheaper and much easier entry to reproductive care. Studies and history have all shown that limiting access to healthcare on such basis as high costs result in risks and increased costs for other kinds of healthcare like hospital visits and hospitalizations due to botched procedures.

Pregnancy - Assisted Reproduction and Insurance

As such, many organizations, nonprofits, and patient advocacy groups are pushing to supply varieties of pregnancy care protected by traditional major medical plans. As stated previously, 15 states already mandate no less than some sort of coverage for alternative reproductive procedures and treatments. As more states mandate coverage just for this form of care, more women will seek the procedures. As with any product, service, or other business exchange, the laws of supply and demand could eventually push costs down, making expenses to insurance firms lower as time passes.

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