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The Best Contribution To The Future

The Best Contribution To The Future
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Carefulness and protection during the most crucial moments of your life. ADONIS will support you during the whole period of pregnancy to ensure the best conditions for the future baby. Our Prenatal Care offers are the integral units of total health and quality medical treatment. 

ADONIS medical staff consists of the widest variety of different directions specialists, the dedicated work of the best obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, obstetricians-gynecologists, neonatologists, ultrasound specialists will give the total confidence in the highest health control of the mother and future baby.

Technological breakthrough in ADONIS hospitals

ADONIS main goal is to provide highly technological medical treatment with no borders and discrimination. That’s why we provide the most affordable prices, the best equipment and medical consultations for everyone. 

The newest neonatology department is the real pride of ADONIS Prenatal Care clinics. The total observation during the prenatal period is the main advantage for future health of newborns. 

Hospital based neonatal intensive care units will help to avoid the most common illnesses and provide specialized medical care for newborns with such problems as prematurity, low birth weight, birth asphyxia, sepsis, intrauterine growth restriction. 

The latest equipment is ready to make the tests and analyses, which will save the life of the baby in the future. 

  • Prenatal screening
  • Fetus heartbeat monitoring in 3D format movements and voiced sounds
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Microscopic analysis

ADONIS ensures the high-quality life level with the neonatology department and special prenatal care offers. 

In addition to the new technological treatment, ADONIS ensures the theoretical and practical training for future mothers and their families:

  • School of Motherhood (special training courses on the basis of ADONIS clinics for prenatal care which provide crucial information even for experienced mothers)
  • Breastfeeding consultation (the most delicate nuances to keep your breast in ideal form and health, special anticipatory guidance)
  • Pediatric consultation and support in ADONIS clinics for the duration of first month of baby life 

 It is really important to be ready for having and maintaining a child. ADONIS Prenatal Care is your opportunity to gain adequate experience without irreparable mistakes. 

Worldwide experience

Successful cooperation with the worldwide community helps ADONIS doctors to implement the newest ways of prenatal support and emergency help. Prenatal care in Canada or Western Europe has no such a big variety of services proposed for future mothers without telling about the total cost of their Prenatal Care Programs. 

ADONIS group of companies can be described by such words as Affordability, Safety, Proficiency and Total Control. You will have the best level of medical care without unnecessary expenditures. 

Take care of yourself during this magical period of pregnancy – choose ADONIS clinics to support you. The best Prenatal Care Programs and individual approach to each case will not let you be indifferent. 

Don’t forget, the health of your future baby is of the most importance.